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  1. Courses and Meet-ups with Lorie Eve Dechar. If you've read any of Lorie's three books--Five Spirits, Kigo, or The Alchemy of Inner Work--and are looking for a way to interact more directly with Lorie and her teaching, this Community is where you can do that. Lorie's work is beneficial to acupuncturists and non-practitioners alike, on both personal and professional levels. 
  2. Monthly Community Zoom Meet-ups. Led by Lorie and Benjamin, these gatherings offer a safe space where we discuss and engage in a dropped-down experience of the content of The Alchemy of Inner Work: A Guide for Turning Illness & Suffering into True Health & Well-Being that allows you to apply the concepts, tools, skills, and practices of Alchemical Healing to your own healing journey within a community of support.
  3. Free Access to our ongoing Inner Work Lab. We created this 'go-at-your-own-pace interactive reader's guide to our book as a way for individuals and groups to further engage with concepts, tools, skills, and practices we offer. The Inner Work Lab offers a space for you to explore your own healing as well as a template to create your own small book study group. 
  4. Five Seasonal AcuSpeak Supervision Sessions with Lorie. Hosted and led throughout the year by Lorie on Zoom, these gatherings--one for each of the Five Seasons of Chinese medicine--will offer the opportunity for you to share cases, ask questions, and engage in a group discussion about professional practice. Lorie will share what is currently captivating her curiosity and inspiring her own explorations in the fields of Chinese medicine, alchemy, and depth psychology. These gatherings are open to any member, but note that the focus will be for licensed acupuncturists. Acupuncturists can earn up to 7.5 NCCAOM PDA Points per year for free by participating in these sessions (that's 30 PDA Points per each 4-year recertification period, half of the total PDA Points required by NCCAOM for recertification).
  5. Educational Courses Curated to Inspire and Transform. We offer a 10% Inner Healing Circle member discount on select courses within our growing list of live-stream and evergreen courses that will support your personal healing, professional development, and inspire you to think about personal and global transformation in new ways. Teachers include not only Lorie and Benjamin, but other experienced Alchemical Healing Professionals and guest lecturers. Where applicable, courses are indicated as providing CEU credit to acupuncturists through NCCAOM.
  6. Access to Our Directory of Alchemical Healing Professionals. These experienced practitioners have done extensive study with Lorie and Benjamin and are located throughout the States and abroad, and many work virtually. The specialties they offer include acupuncture, psychotherapy, nursing, life coaching, astrology, Ayurvedic healing, bodwork modalities, and more.
  7. Weekly Healing Inspiration. We share posts and articles related to the principles, tools, skills, and practices of Alchemical Healing that you can apply to your personal healing or professional practice. Areas of exploration include Chinese medicine, archetypal psychology, alchemical tradition, astrology, dreamwork, flower essences, essential oils, and more.  
  8. Ongoing Community Dialogue. This space offers the opportunity for regular daily connection with others in order to learn, question, and grow together. 
  9. Event Updates/Special Offers. Early notification and special offers for online webinars, in-person events, and workshops.

    To learn more about who we are and the work we have developed, read on ... 

Our paths first crossed in 1996 when we journeyed separately to the hills of Pennsylvania to attend a workshop called The Body Sacred that explored the interface of sexuality, spirituality, relationship, and healing. By the close of that weekend we had decided to take our new connection further, such was our shared conviction that life had brought us together for a reason.

For the past 20+ years, we’ve been helping others to know themselves more deeply—to heal/whole—as we’ve undertaken that same task ourselves. Lorie is a licensed acupuncturist and the author of Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing (2006) and Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the Changing Seasons (2020). She is also certified in Focusing, a psychotherapeutic process of self-exploration, and has pursued mentorship in Jungian depth psychology for over two decades. Benjamin is a professional counseling astrologer, licensed massage therapist, and passionate builder of healing community.


In 2006, we began offering our Alchemical Healing Mentorship to alternative healthcare practitioners. Today, this community has grown to include acupuncturists, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, midwives, bodyworkers, artists, and cultural change makers as well as others who are interested in discovering how deep caring for the soul can transform our personal lives and the world as well.


With the 2021 publication of our book The Alchemy of Inner Work: A Guide for Turning Illness and Suffering Into True Health and Well-Being, we recognized the need to launch this virtual healing circle as a means to expand our community further, bringing practitioners and those they serve together in one space to explore and deepen our knowledge and application of a medicine
we have come to call Alchemical Healing. 

We know from what we have witnessed in our Alchemical Healing Mentorship that the power of healing increases exponentially when people gather together to share their experiences and support each other’s commitment to growth and change.  If you are someone who believes that personal inner work can and does lead to tangible outer change, then join us! Whether you’re a practitioner or someone on your own healing journey, here you'll find a vital community sharing connections, providing support, offering tools, and teaching skills to help each of us, and the planet, 
heal and thrive.

What people are saying ...  

You two have changed me. The work you have built so beautifully and carefully has changed me. The group cauldron has changed me. I have changed me. 
Thank you so dearly.  

Kate, Oregon
Inner Court Acupuncture

I realise being in this community that being an outlier is actually uber cool and where the real party’s at! The permissiveness and camaraderie in the dance of ’standing in the yin’ and ‘honouring the yang’ has been transformative.

Hung, United Kingdom
Physician and facilitator of transformation

I credit ALL of this change to the work that we are doing and learning and I am so grateful for it. ALL OF IT. Not a percentage or segment but all of it. If it wasn't for Lorie, Benjamin and all of you I'm quite sure I'd be in the same place I've felt stuck in for the past six years. I wouldn't have been able to find the courage to hope for new possibilities for myself. I wouldn't have been open to the synchronicities and opportunities the universe has placed before me.

Katrina, Canada
What’s Good Wellness

You and Lorie are putting out amazing content. I am so in love with all this information and juicy stuff! Thank you so much for all you do … I am very excited about studying formally with you both!

Cindy, Oregon
Nature’s Touch Healing Center

A New Possibility fills a desired model for living curious lives in fierce togetherness to create something real, passionate and beautiful.

Adam Brown
Adam Brown Acupuncture

My work with you has sparked my magic! Your teaching not only deepened my understanding of the spirit of Chinese medicine, it also taught me to see spirit through the symbols of astrology! I now have embodiment practices to more intentionally invite the divine into my healing work and this has lead to soul healing for me and for my patients. Thank you!  

 Michael, New York
Healer, Acupuncturist, Meditation Teacher 

If your current relationship to the 
monetary economy does not allow you 
to afford our membership cost but
you would like to join our community,
please contact us.